Rural Broadband Association backs Resolution 157

The Rural Broadband Association is voicing its support for Senate Resolution 157, which calls for the improvement of telephone service in rural areas across the U.S.

The issue of rural call failure is well documented, with residents and businesses alike struggling with poor quality and dropped long-distance calls. Critics say least-call routing is to blame for the failures.

“It is time that rural consumers receive the dependable voice communications services that are mandated under law. Too many calls to rural communities have been failing for far too long, and the issue must be escalated and resolved,” said Rural Broadband CEO Shirley Bloomfield, in a statement.

“On behalf of all rural, community-based telecom providers, I applaud Sens. Klobuchar, Johnson, Fischer and their colleagues for their initiative in acknowledging to the American people that completed calls are not a luxury, but essential for public safety, education, health care and commerce.

“Their vision and commitment brings this critical issue to the forefront and calls on the FCC to ‘move forward with clear, comprehensive, and enforceable actions.’ As we have seen call completion failure rates continue to climb, we are grateful for the congressional intervention to help remedy this issue.”