Rogers breaks up with Spotify and the NHL

If you’ve signed with Rogers Communications in the past, you might have benefited from six free months of Spotify premium and a subscription to NHL Live. This sales incentive has been helping to promote Rogers’ Share Everything Plan since 2015. But, if you are looking to gain these perks in 2018, you’re running out of time.

Starting July 30th, Rogers is dumping its Spotify perk and its NHL Live offer. So, if you’re looking to get in on them, you have until July 29th.

If you’re in one of the early months of your Spotify plan, which doesn’t expire before July 30th, don’t fret – your plan won’t expire any earlier than it originally would have. This only effects future Rogers customers. As for the NHL side of things, the most recent hockey season ended on June 7th, so the subscription simply won’t renew for next season.

Rogers subsidiary Fido also recently cut ties with Spotify. It will be interesting to see if Spotify finds a new Canadian partner, or if consumers looking for this particular perk are out of luck.

Source: – Rogers is unbundling Spotify and NHL Live from its mobile plans
Published: July 5, 2018