Quebec Ups Texting-While-Driving Punishment

It's the lawA new law was recently passed in Quebec which will result in steeper punishments if a driver is charged with texting-while-driving. Now, a driver’s license could be suspended for three months if they are charged with texting-while-driving.

The new law will result in drivers receiving four demerit points for texting and driving. For new drivers with probationary licenses, a charge will result in a three month suspension. Transport Minister Robert Poeti has been trying to change the law since last September, saying the awareness campaigns in the media have not solved the problem.

“It’s a real problem all around the world,” Poeti told CTV Montreal Thursday. “Quebec is no exception.”

The fine for texting while driving in Quebec is still $115 to $154, which is one of the lowest in Canada. The Quebec Highway Code is still in the process of trying to adjust it. Nova Scotia is the province with the highest fine, at up to $579.