A Quarter of Users Abandon Apps After One Try

Available_on_the_App_Store_(black)There are a lot of apps in the world, and nobody has the time or space for all of them. The iTunes App Store is host to more than 1.5 million applications, while Google Play has over 2 million. The number of available apps could be overkill – a recent study found one in four users download an app and only use it once.

The Localytics study looked at a user base of 37,000 people and found that 62 percent of them will use an app less than 11 times. That’s not good news for developers, since it is a clearly unsustainable business model.

App abandonment seems to be a rising trend. In 2014, only 20 percent of users only used an app once; that number rose to 26 percent in 2015, and improved slightly this year, dropping to 23 percent.

Localytics also found there are solutions to improve user retention. Apps that use push notifications, in-app messages and other such techniques not only had more monthly active users but had user retention of 46 percent.

This decline in app usage is causing many companies to rethink how they present applications. For instance, Google is considering a process called “Instant Apps” which will allow users to launch an app and test it out immediately by clicking a URL. That could be really helpful for users who get frustrated by searching for and downloading applications they may only use a handful of times.

*Source: Tech Crunch