“Project eelo” operating system might be what you need to feel secure

Do you remember Gael Duval? He is the innovator that created Mandrake Linux back in 1998. According to an article in Tech News World, Duval has come out with a new mobile operating system called “Project eelo.” The software was designed to ensure a level of data privacy that your typical Android and iOS devices lack. Duval funded the project over Kickstarter.

Duval’s innovation promises a system that “will allow mobile phone users to regain control over their personal information at a price they can afford.”  Duval has also said that Apple is expensive, boring, and “going crazy with its products,” while Google has “become too big,” and has a penchant for spying and data tracking.

“They want to know as much as possible to sell advertising,” Duval wrote in his Kickstarter campaign. “People are free to do what they want. They can choose to be voluntary slaves. But I do not want this situation for me anymore.”

The language is strong, but a lot of people share Duval’s concerns. The campaign reached more than two hundred percent of its goal after only fifteen days, and more than two thousand people have registered at eelo.io since December 20th, when Duval posted eelo updates.

According to Tech News World, Project eelo was developed from LineageOS, “which is an open source system that runs mainstream Android applications. Open source modules are layered on top of that, which help create a consistent mobile and Web system.”

Project eelo calls for developers to sell smartphones preloaded with the OS, while the software itself runs as a non-profit. Duval considers it a community project, and will welcome contributors. They plan to have downloadable ROMs for a range of devices sometime this year.

Tech News World says “developers will release privacy-enabled smartphone ROMs, as well as smartphones for ordinary users, with associated Web services. They have been testing custom builds of LineageOS/eelo on the LeEcho Le2 — a 5.5-inch smartphone with a 1080 x 1920 pixel screen, 3G RAM, 32 GB storage, a finger sensor on the back and a 4K camera.”