Pricey Details of the Apple Watch


If you are an Apple fan intent on owning its newest wearable, you had better start saving up. The new Apple Watch, available for pre-order on April 10, will prove to be among the most expensive devices in the wearable universe to date.

The least expensive model of the Apple Watch, a 38mm aluminum Sport model, will cost $349. If your wrist requires more than just 38mm, the 42mm version costs an extra $50.

The price of the watch continues to increase based on the material and make of the bracelet, with the stainless steel model starting at $549, and topping out at $1,049.

Additionally, there is an 18K gold version of the watch which starts at $10,000. But, if you are in the market for la crème de la crème of wearables, the 38mm Edition model with an 18K Rose Gold case and Rose Gray Modern Buckle is the most expensive version, costing a cool $17,000.

The watches will begin shipping on April 24.