Powerball App Bringing Lotto to Your Smartphone

autolottoIt’s already pretty easy to buy a lottery ticket; all you really have to worry about is losing the physical copy. The new AutoLotto Powerball app is making the whole process even more accessible and instant, allowing players to purchase, play, and redeem lottery tickets all from their smartphone. They even get their first ticket free.

As of now, it is only available in New Hampshire, but easily has the potential to launch nationally. There’s no question about its future popularity: 166,000 users previously signed up and were on the waiting list for AutoLotto, which went live in the Apple App Store on June 7. Lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions represent a $70 billion industry, so it was only a matter of time before an app like AutoLotto came to fruition.

Right now, AutoLotto users are restricted to one ticket with quick pick numbers per Powerball draw, but that will eventually increase to 20 tickets with custom-picked numbers. It also plans to add a group buying feature.

Gambling is tricky business, and rightfully so. That’s why AutoLotto cofounders Matt Clemenson and Tony DiMatteo say they will work with state lottery commissions, lottery directors, offices of the governor and attorney general, as well as other relevant legislators before bringing in new states.

“We’re not here to ‘disrupt’ the industry. We seek formal acknowledgement that we are not in conflict with existing laws before we operate. We provide a service that helps state lottos and retailers, and people who enjoy playing,” DiMatteo was quoted as saying in a TechCrunch article.