Periscope Calls in the Jury

periscopePeriscope is taking a democratic approach to the punishment of abusive commentators, assembling a makeshift social media jury to deal with possible abuse.

When a comment on a Periscope broadcast is flagged, a handful of users will be asked to vote on whether they believe the comment breaks Periscope’s terms of use. If the majority agrees the comment is spam or abuse, the person who posted it will be muted temporarily. If a user gets flagged and “found guilty” twice they will be permanently disabled from commenting on that rest of the broadcast. Periscope says users called to be on its jury should only expect the process to take a few seconds.

If you don’t want to be subject to Periscope justice, broadcasters can turn off moderated comments through the settings tab. As well, users have the right to opt out of voting on potentially abusive comments.

“There are no silver bullets, but we’re committed to developing tools to keep Periscope a safe and open place for people to connect in real-time,” reads Periscope’s blog post. “We look forward to working closely with you and everyone else in the community to improve comment moderation.”