Pennsylvania woman hit with surprise bill from Verizon

verizonChristine Paparo of Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania is not a heavy data user, relying mainly on her WiFi for video and her home phone for communication. Needless to say, Paparo was shocked when Verizon sent her a bill for $2,385 for data – seven times her family of five’s usual monthly bill.

According to The Morning Call, August’s phone bill showed that Paparo’s phone had used 172 gigabytes, with nearly all usage happening within a span of five days. Paparo, naturally, decided to challenge the bill, and told The Morning Call that several customer service agents “acknowledged it wasn’t typical and said they would investigate.”

“Every time you call and talk to somebody and they look at the account and they look into the history, they tell you it’s very unusual for that telephone number,” Paparo told the paper. Despite this, Verizon concluded there was no billing mistake and network error, and that Paparo and her family were responsible for the charges. She was offered $400 off the bill and 2GB free per month for the life of her phone, but Paparo wasn’t satisfied with this solution.

Paparo is now suing Verizon Wireless, seeking damages of $2,948 to cover disputed charges and the cost of buying out two of the family’s phones. The Paparos will also be transferring to a new carrier. The hearing is scheduled for November 8th.