PC Maker Lenovo Wants to be Education’s Biggest Ally

lenovoLenovo’s products are leading the education industry in terms of compatibility, and it wants you to know about it. The PC maker recently spoke at the Accelerate event in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it explained the reasons it is unparalleled in terms of providing great services to education.

“We’re beating Apple with capability and serviceability, beating Acer and Samsung with ruggedization, reliability, innovation, failure rates, and beating Dell and HP with product design, innovation, and anticipating customer needs,” said Jason Mooneyham, vice president of public sector sales at Lenovo.

Lenovo is focused on its laptops and tablets being used as educational tools, and has implemented solutions specifically defined for this area. Gorilla Glass, rubber bumpers that protect device corners from damage, is one of its most recently implemented design features.

In terms of functionality, Lenovo offers multimode, allowing certain devices to switch between laptop, tablet, and hybrid modes. It also has photo, video and audio editing capabilities, and classroom management functionalities for teachers.

Now, the main goal for Lenovo is to get partners on board to help acquire U.S. and Canadian customers. Mooneyham suggested U.S. grades JK to 12 will be a market worth over a billion dollars in the next year. With more schools buying laptops for students, Lenovo predicts a “spike in demand,” and wants to be the go-to company for schools.