Payfone and Enstream team up to eliminate passwords for good

Enstream (a Canadian telecom coalition) and Payfone  (the world’s “leading digital identity authentication company”) are partnering to “eliminate passwords, simplify login, and enhance online security and privacy,” according to Canada Newswire.

EnStream is a joint venture between Canada’s leading telecom companies, and it will be working with Payfone to create the future of mobile-based authentication services that aims to increase “convenience for consumers without sacrificing security and privacy.”

On June 18th, Payfone CEO Rodger Desai said in his announcement of the partnership that, “Consumers have too many passwords, or re-use the ones they have too many times, increasing the risk of identity theft and account takeovers by hackers. Two- factor authentication helps, but it’s clumsy and complicated, and doesn’t really deal with the underlying problem—passwords. Wouldn’t it be great if online identity worked like credit cards—ultra-convenient and trusted by everyone, everywhere?”

Payfone and EnStream’s new service will first be released in Canada, and will allow customers to log into accounts or verify transactions with participating services via a single mobile app.

As Canada Newswire explains, “the service will bring together EnStream’s consumer-friendly Mobile Connect solution with Payfone’s Trust Score identity and fraud analytics solution, which is currently used by Fortune 100 banks, retailers, health insurance companies, and others.”

Source: – Payfone and EnStream announce partnership to kill passwords with global federated digital identity platform
Published: June 18, 2018