Parents — Meet Comcast XFinity xFi

comcast complaintsThis week, Comcast released a new digital dashboard called Xfinity xFi, which enables its customers to monitor and control the WiFi usage of specific devices or users in their home. According to GeekWire, XFinity xFi also allows customers to see which devices are connected to their network, monitor data usage, set parental controls, change WiFi passwords, troubleshoot issues, and more.

The individual profiles XFinity xFi allows are quite interesting. Say you’re a parent making a profile for a younger child: You can assign specific devices to their profile, and pause the connectivity for all those devices when needed. This saves you from having to resort to turning off your internet altogether to manage your child’s devices. You could also opt to turn on a time-based curfew, where all these devices will automatically pause at specified times.

“Today, in most of our customer’s homes, our equipment is a black box to them,” said Patti Loyack, vice president of Comcast’s IP services. “We want to make sure we increase visibility to that box in their homes, as well as give them control.”

If you’re a Comcast user and you want to take advantage of XFinity xFi, you can download the mobile app for iOS or Android, access it via your web browser, or use TV with Comcast’s X1 voice remote. The service is free for Comcast customers who rent a compatible Xfinity WiFi device, which include the xFi Wireless Gateway and the xFi Advanced Wireless Gateway. These devices are already in ten million homes across the United States.