Parents Distract Teen Drivers

texting and drivingWe all know distracted driving is dangerous and that cellphone use behind the wheel causes thousands of accidents each year. While teens often get a bad rap for texting and talking instead of focusing on the road, a new study reveals that parents are often to blame for the behavior.

According to results presented at the American Psychological Association’s convention, over 50 percent of teenaged respondents reported speaking with their parents on the phone while driving. In many cases, kids say they are always expected to answer a call from a parent no matter the circumstances and parents will often call repeatedly until they answer the phone.

“It was just very surprising to see how directly parents are involved,” psychologist Noelle LaVoie was quoted as saying. “What we do know for sure is if parents would not call their teens while they’re (kids) driving, it would reduce teen distracted driving.”

It is something helicopter parents may want to consider when instructing their kids to answer their phones, no matter what.

*Source: USA Today