Opera Mini’s New Compression Tech

Opera-Mini-Web-BrowserThe latest version of the Opera Mini mobile browser has added a High compression mode which minimizes data use without sacrificing page quality.

Opera Mini is primarily used in lower-end phones, as the browser has previously been limited to Extreme compression mode. This mode removed all of the visually appealing elements from web pages, including scaling down pictures. The new High compression mode, however, has been optimized for 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi networks and does not affect the way pages look.

“With the rise of better smartphones and better network conditions our users now want the option to have a less aggressive data compression mode so they can experience the full internet when network conditions allow for it,” said Christian Uribe, Opera Mini product manager in a statement.

The mobile Android browser also includes a better UI for saving pages, a redesigned tab switcher, private browsing mode and a scalable interface for higher resolution devices. The scalable interface could prove particularly useful for data-roaming users with high-end smartphones who want to save on data.

Opera is hoping to have 275 million Android users by the end of 2017. Many of these users will be from India and Indonesia, as slow Internet and network issues are a continual challenge.