OpenSignal says T-Mobile is on top

Twice a year, OpenSignal releases a study about U.S mobile networks, testing speed, reliability, and other statistics. According to FierceWireless, for its most recent study – testing March 31 through June 29 – OpenSignal determined that T-Mobile is the top performing network nationwide.

T-Mobile trounced its competitors across the board, in categories including but not limited to LTE download speed, LTE latency, LTE availability, 3G download speed, overall download speed, and 3G latency.

OpenSignal suggests it might be because of T-Mobile’s competitors’ unlimited plans. “Six months after reintroducing unlimited plans, Verizon and AT&T experienced a marked decline in 4G speeds in our tests,” it said in its report. “The impact appears to have hit Verizon the most. Its average LTE download test fell 2 Mbps to 14.9 Mbps in the six months between reports.”

AT&T did not take too kindly to this news, saying that its data transmissions are unchanged, despite increased traffic. “We constantly monitor our network performance,” an AT&T spokesperson said via email. “The launch of our unlimited data plans has not impacted wireless data speeds on our network.” Verizon criticized the data for the same reason.