Should Ontario ban door-to-door telecom sales?

A member of Ontario Parliament has recently told CBC that Bell Canada’s door-to-door sales tactics are “absolutely despicable.” Liberal MPP Yvan Baker is advocating that telecom sales be included in Ontario’s new ban on door-to-door sales of certain products and services.

A bill that came into effect on March 1st bans the door-to-door sale of water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, and water treatment systems. Although it does not include telecom services, MPP Baker thinks it should be amended to do so.

“I think it’s beyond reprehensible that there are people who are misleading, who are using aggressive tactics to coerce people into these contracts that are not to the benefit of the consumer,” Baker told CBC.

Baker isn’t alone in his opinions. CBC GO Public recently did an investigation into these Bell sales tactics, using a hidden camera. A CBC producer was hired by a company selling Bell services door-to-door. The investigation found  that “sales reps misled homeowners on ‘guaranteed’ monthly prices for Bell’s Fibe TV, internet and home phone packages. They also twisted the truth on WiFi reach, internet speed and Bell’s fibre optic network.”

Baker says that Bell uses similarly misleading tactics as salespeople selling furnaces, water heaters, and the likes. He thinks the CRTC should investigate, but that Ontario can make steps to protect its consumers in the meantime.

Source: – ‘We just have to stop this’: MPP says Ontario should investigate banning door-to-door telecom sales
Published: March 3, 2018