One Percent of Developers Make All the Money on App Store

Available_on_the_App_Store_(black)It’s a statistic that may crush your app developing dreams – the top one percent of U.S. publishers account for 94 percent of the total App Store revenue. That means $1.34 billion of the $1.43 billion in net revenue created by iOS apps went to only 623 companies, while the remaining $85.8 million was spread amongst 61,677 publishers.

This statistic comes on behalf of Sensor Tower – also an App Store vendor – which specializes in sales tracking software. Sensor Tower monitored App Store data from January 1 to March 31 to cumulate these numbers.

So who is making all that money? Companies that rely heavily on in-app purchases like Supercell, of Clash of Clans fame, and Machine Zone, which created Mobile Strike. Other notable companies include Spotify, Netflix, and HBO.

Even where money isn’t concerned, downloads are also ruled by an elite class. Of the 127,000 publishers with at least one top ranking app on the App Store during Sensor Tower’s monitoring, only one percent – or 1,270 – accounted for 70 percent of all downloads. In other words, out of 1.38 billion app downloads in the first quarter of 2016, 966 million were from that one percent.

*Source: Network World