Office 365 struggled in 2016

microsoft logoMicrosoft’s Office 365 for consumers has been around for four years now and has sold 25 million subscriptions. However, according to ComputerWorld, the rate of new subscribers plunged down 62 percent from 2015.

In each of the final three quarters of 2016, Office 365 subscriptions grew by approximately 900,000 subscribers, which is its smallest period of growth since early 2014. Subscriptions reached an all time high in the first quarter of 2015, with 3.2 million additions.

Microsoft has never set public goals for its subscription numbers, but have spoken in the past about transferring its software business from a one-time licensing purchase to a recurring payment subscription system.

Right now, the best deal on Office 365 is a one-user subscription called “Home” for 70 dollars a year or seven dollars a month.