Is the Nokia 8 the phone for you?

You may not think of Nokia as a top smartphone brand, considering that in recent times it has only launched three middle-tier devices. But Nokia’s newest device releasing in September, the Nokia 8, is challenging this reputation. According to a review from The Independent, the Nokia 8 might just be worth considering as your next purchase.

“In feel alone, this is easily the best phone the new HMD Nokia has produced, slick and smooth enough to slide easily between your fingers,” said The Independent.

The Nokia 8 comes in four different shades; matte silver, polished blue, matte blue, and polished copper. It has a 5.3-inch, 2,560 x 1,440 resolution display, and with 554 pixels per inch, the sharpest resolution of any Nokia phone. Unlike the popular OLED display favoured by Samsung, the Nokia 8 keeps it simple with an LCD screen.

Cameras are undoubtedly important features on any smartphone nowadays, and the collaboration between Nokia and optical system manufacturers Zeiss should result in an excellent quality product.

According to The Independent, “The rear dual cameras are both 13-megapixel sensors, one colour and one monochrome. Huawei has a similar approach on its latest phones, saying that the monochrome sensor can get a sharper result as it grabs light quickly, and the colour one gives you the colour fidelity.” This should make photography feel a bit more professional than the average smartphone.

The Nokia 8 also boasts high-quality audio, using a system called OZO, in which three microphones work together to record better sound with no special playback system required.

The Nokia 8 will be one of the first smartphones to receive Android O when it goes live, and until then will run on the latest version available, Android 7.1.1. The functionality of the Nokia 8 will feel very similar to most Android phones, with the only stark difference being in the camera.