No Plans for FCC to Regulate Netflix

netflix logoThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) won’t be looking to claims that Netflix is throttling its own video streams, said FCC Chair Tom Wheeler.

According to the FCC, Netflix and similar services are considered “edge providers” meaning that the rules of Open Internet do not apply to them.

“We do not regulate edge providers,” Wheeler was quoted as saying. “It’s outside of our jurisdiction… It is not an Open Internet issue what they’re doing. I’m going to leave it at that.”

Netflix has admitted to reducing video speeds for AT&T and Verizon customers for over five years now, but it maintains it wanted to “protect customers from exceeding mobile data caps.” The company also says it limits its streams at only 600-kilobits-per-second, which is slower than modern wireless networks operate.

While news of video throttling is enraging both advocacy groups and broadband providers alike, the FCC says there is nothing it can do. Ironically, Netflix recently supported both the FCC ruling on net neutrality and its ban on throttling.

*Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal