Nextbit’s “Robin” Smartphone Uses Cloud Storage

nextbit robinNextbit Systems Inc. has unveiled its latest Android smartphone, which has been designed to manage storage and backup so you don’t have to. The device, called “Robin,” automatically moves files and apps to the cloud.

The Robin’s software works closely with Google’s Android operating system, and is designed to assess which files a user will need immediately and which can be moved to the cloud. Apps that are rarely used, for example, will be sent to the cloud to free up space for something used more regularly. Retrieval of apps from the cloud is easy and does not require reinstallation.

“In a way we can leverage the cloud to exceed the specs of your device,” said Mike Chan, Nextbit’s co-founder, who worked on several major Android releases. “We look at the system as a whole. We look at your usage patterns; we personalize this, really, for you.”

Nextbit’s Android phone is more reasonably priced to attract users who do not want to pay for high-end devices such as the iPhone or Samsung S6. The robin will be widely available early next year at a price of $399.

The device includes a 13 megapixel rear-facing camera, as well as dual speakers and amplifiers. It also has a fingerprint reader to activate the power button, and 32 gigabytes of storage plus up to 100 gigabytes of cloud storage.