New Sprint unlimited plan axes high resolution video streaming

As reported by Engadget, Sprint is extending the amount of variety in its unlimited plans, to appeal to users who might be a bit more selective.

Right now, Sprint’s most lucrative plan is Unlimited Plus, which “comes with unlimited data, talk and text, as well as a Hulu and Tidal Premium subscription.” This is great for someone who uses their smartphone for everything.  It streams videos up to 1080p and music up to 1.5Mbps. It only throttles hotspot connection speed back to 3G after 15GB of use. This costs about $42 USD per month per line.

Not everyone needs all these features though – unlimited data is great, but do you need Tidal and HD streaming? If not, Engadget says: “Sprint’s new and cheaper Unlimited Basic offering might be the better choice. For $32 per month per line, you still get Hulu, but its hotspot speeds will get throttled after only 500MB. Also, you can only stream videos up to 480p and music up to 500kbps. Both Plus and Basic plans are available to existing customers.”

On the new plan offering, Sprint Chief Commercial Dow Draper stated, “Customers told us that they wanted more from their wireless — more choice, more features and more value.”

Source: – Sprint adds an Unlimited plan without high-resolution video
Published: July 12, 2018