New Samsung Monitor Wirelessly Charges Your Phone

SamsungIn a move to make computer monitors more attractive to consumers, Samsung’s latest model will feature integrated wireless charging for mobile devices.

Any device supporting Qi wireless charging, such as the LG G3, Galaxy S6 or Nexus 6, will be automatically charged when placed on the monitor’s stand. This application of wireless charging technology proves far more convenient than standalone charging pads. Building this technology into devices that typically reside on a desk makes for seamless integration into daily routines.

The Samsung SE370 features 1,920×1,080 pixel resolution, a response time of 4ms, 100:1 contrast ratio and a 178 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle. It also has a PLS type panel and HDMI, DP and D-Sub ports.

The monitor will be made in two sizes: 23.6 and 27 inches. Pricing and release date have not yet been announced.