New Samsung Chip Will Give Smartphones 6GB of RAM

samsung chipSmartphones and tablets will soon come equipped with more memory than the average laptop. Samsung announced it has begun mass-production on a 12Gb DDR4 RAM module for mobile devices in its 20nm fab plant. This will allow manufacturers to offer mobile devices with 6GB of RAM, with four 12Gb dies in a single DRAM chip package.

The new chips offer 50 percent greater density than existing 8Gb chips that are used in many 4GB devices, meaning twice the amount of memory can now be fit in the same space. Additionally, smaller phones could be made while still having 3GB or 4BG of RAM.

The modules are also 30 percent faster than their 8Gb counterparts, and twice as fast as the new DDR4 RAM in PCs, which means better-performing devices.

Perhaps most notable is the fact the new modules use 20 percent less energy, which will make a noticeable impact on battery life. Samsung is currently building and stocking these news chips.