New Nokia 9 allegedly first smartphone to use OZO Audio

nokia_logoThe Nokia 9 hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it has already generated quite the buzz. There are lots of rumors about its potential specs, but the newest one is very interesting. According to SlashGear, the Nokia 9 will allegedly be the first smartphone to use the company’s new OZO Audio technology – a software based, VR-targeted development that promises to enable any camera to record 360-degree or full spatial audio.

For OZO audio to work, the Nokia 9 would need at least two microphones, but ideally four. It would also probably require a beefier processor than previous Nokia phones. However, it would mean that Nokia could advertise its latest device as not just a smartphone, but a portable multimedia studio.

This could be good news for Nokia, which failed to make a splash with its last three Android phones – the Nokia 3, 5, and 6. As a company that has yet to develop a premium Android smartphone, Nokia is looking to prove they can hang with the big dogs with the Nokia 9.