New App Notarizes Documents Online

notarizeThe State of Virginia passed a law in 2012 allowing for documents to be notarized in the state via live video. Now, in 2016, an app called Notarize has finally been released for that very purpose. And it’s available on iTunes.

It can be time consuming and expensive to see a notary public every time you need a contract signed, a power of attorney designated, or many other reasons notarization might be required. Although this common practice might not be the exciting service that draws you to an app, it’s perfect for a modern day makeover. In the United States alone, approximately one billion documents are notarized each year.

“We are bringing this business into the 21st century and solving a real need,” Pat Kinsel, CEO of the Notarize start-up, was quoted as saying.

In order to use the app, customers must first scan their government issued photo ID, which is then authenticated. Next, the user is connected with a notary public officer via live video chat. The officer signs and stamps the document for a fee of $25. The service is available through the public app 24/7.