Is Netflix Offline Viewing On The Way?

netflix logoIt would be pretty amazing to have 24/7 access to Netflix, regardless of your internet connection. We know this has been on the table for awhile, because Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said he’s keeping an “open mind” towards it. Now, reports from LightReading and Gizmodo have said that the feature may launch by the end of the year.

Although you likely wouldn’t need to use this feature all the time, it could be great for car rides, planes, or places with poor connectivity. The best part is, watching offline means no annoying buffering.

The only hitch in Netflix’s plan regards copyright laws. In order to watch offline, you’ll have to download television shows and movies. Not all studios that provide content to Netflix will necessarily allow their property to be downloaded.

Netflix has not officially announced that offline viewing is coming, but if it is expected to launch by the end of 2016, we can assume that it will begin promoting the feature soon.

*Source: Mobile Syrup