Mom Fights T-Mobile Rip-Off

T-MobileA New Jersey mother is fighting to restore her credit after a deal with T-Mobile went wrong. Last year Andrea Sanchez switched her services from Sprint to T-Mobile, with a sales associate assuring her that T-Mobile would buy out her Sprint contract and pay off any balanced owed. She agreed to a new T-Mobile promotion, paying $100 for two lines: her iPhone and iPad Mini. She also opted to upgrade her devices.

Sanchez was surprised when T-Mobile shipped back her old iPad just weeks later. When she inquired with the sales associate, she was told to pretend it was a freebie, even though she thought it was too good to be true. She was right – the Sprint bills started rolling in, claiming she had an overdue account.

When she went back to the store to inquire, the manager told her T-Mobile would only cover a certain amount and the rest was her responsibility. Problem was she had a contract that said the full amount would be covered. Soon the matter was sent to collections.

“There’s no amount of money that can make bad credit look good,” Sanchez was quoted as saying in a article. “I work too hard. I pay my car and rent on time, and this just made things really bad for me.

“…”I just want them to pay exactly what they owe so I can move on with my life and move into a new home and eventually buy a new car. I can’t do that without good credit. So therefore, my buyout was never done and I was sold a dream that later cost me more than money.”

Once media intervened, Sanchez did receive the money from T-Mobile to pay off the Sprint balance. However, Sprint is refusing to have the matter removed from her credit record, despite it not being her fault. Doesn’t sound very fair, does it?