Mobile Carrier to Shut Off Ads

adsIt’s an interesting experiment that is bound to be popular with users, but not with advertisers. In mid-June, for 24 hours, UK wireless carrier Three will shut off ads at the network level. This won’t impact all subscribers – only those who have signed up to be part of the trial will go ad-free.

Three has identified three main reasons why the mobile experience should be free of advertising: data usage, security and relevance.

“Something needs to change and we believe that by working with the advertising industry, brands and publishers, that we can create more relevant, less intrusive adverts that increase consumer satisfaction,” stated the company, in a press release.

“The trial will test the ability of the technology to filter out advertising that damages our customers’ mobile browsing experience without impacting their network experience.”

Three hopes the move will force advertisers to improve their strategies and fix the “broken” advertising model.