Millions of Americans have slow internet and no options

A report based on Federal Communications Commission data has recently revealed that over 10.6 million American households have no access to wired Internet service with speeds of at least 25Mbps, while 46.1 million households live in areas where only one ISP offers services with these speeds. In other words, more than 56 million homes in the United States have no choice when it comes to high-speed broadband over wired connections.

“Even when counting access to fixed wireless connections,” reported Ars Technica, “there are still nearly 50 million households with one 25Mbps provider or none at all.”

The data, from June of 2016, says that of 118 million US households, about 54.5 million have access to at least two wired providers which offer 25 Mbps, and only 6.9 million had access to at least three. 31.1 million households have exactly one wireline provider offering speeds of at least 10Mbps, and another 6.9 million households have zero providers offering such speeds over wired connections. For those interested in a smaller 3Mbps download speed, 19.3 million households had access to one wireline ISP and 4.9 million households had no access at all. The highly desirable 100Mbps wired Internet level sees 26.4 million households with no access, while another 67.4 million had access to one provider.

The data does not include satellite service, which is usually available across the United States.