Microsoft vs Slack in the battle of workplace communication apps

microsoftteams Slack has been making a splash as a workplace collaboration tool, taking advantage of a new and interesting business communications market. But according to the Seattle Times, software giant Microsoft has decided to give the new start-up a run for its money by unveiling its workplace-messaging software, Microsoft Teams.

Like Slack, Microsoft Teams allows users to set up chat rooms with individuals and groups, make expandable threads, and share files.

If your business or school uses Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite, you should already be able to access the new application with no extra charge. Microsoft Teams has been two years in the making, and is not only going to compete with Slack, but also with Google Hangouts and similar products being developed by Facebook and Amazon.

Research firm Gartner has estimated that businesses worldwide will spend $5.1 billion on conferencing in 2017. Business communication is an up-and-coming and potentially very profitable industry.