Microsoft Previews Send App for Android Users

sendA preview version of Microsoft’s messaging app Send has been released on Android devices. Microsoft launched Send for iOS back in July, and Android users will now be able to enjoy the app provided they are Office 365 users with business and education accounts. The app is also being made available in more countries than just Canada and the United States, appearing in app stores in Brazil, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

“As well as new features, our customers have been asking us to increase the availability of Send,” said a recent Microsoft Office blog. “Specifically, there are requests for Send to be on more platforms and available in more countries.”

Send combines the best of instant messaging and emailing. The app allows users to send someone an instant message by using their email address rather than their phone number. The message can contain a subject line, signature, or anything else you might find in an email. Perhaps most convenient is that only the users sending messages are required to have the app.

Microsoft has added some new features to Send, including the ability to delete conversations, add users to chats, share locations, make phone calls and more. The app now also has GIF support, which Microsoft says will, “Express more than words ever could.”