Meet Google’s “Allo”

google allo logo blueGoogle has launched a new app called Allo which aims to be your very own virtual assistant for online conversations.

According to an article by CTV, Allo is a “smart” alternative for conversations. For example, if someone types “Want to get sushi?” Allo will supply you with a list of restaurant recommendations. This way, you don’t have to exit the app and look up this information in a separate platform. Allo wants to do it all.

While the concept is certainly tempting, there are a lot of messaging apps out there. Do we need another? Google thinks you’ll embrace Allo’s unique features.

The application suggests replies based on context, meaning less annoying thumb typing on your small smartphone screen. It also will analyze photos and suggest such replies as “beautiful smile” to someone’s selfie. Of course, you’re still allowed to type your own response, making the conversation more genuine. Another cool feature of Allo is that it can show you the latest news, sports scores, as well as translate phrases, or even do math calculations.

Naturally, there are some limitations to the software. Its suggested responses won’t make sense 100 percent of the time, and it won’t show certain information like traffic conditions for a regular commuter. And for information like sports and weather, you won’t get automatic updates, but instead have to request the latest changes.