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How Many Times a Day Do You Touch Your Phone?

smartphoneHumans are crazy about their smartphones — that’s nothing new. But a new study by research firm Dscout has calculated just how obsessed we really are. The heaviest 10 percent of users click, tap, or swipe their phone 5,427 times a day.

Now, you’re not likely in that top 10 percent, right? Maybe not, but the average person is still on their phone more than you might expect — an average of 2,617 times a day.

Dscout installed special software on 94 smartphones, tracking user interaction over five days. The results showed those Top 10 heavy users will end up touching their phone a couple of million times every year.

“Each tap and swipe feels small and harmless. Just a tiny fraction of our brain power and physical effort,” explained Dscout in a blog post.

This is true in the sense that most of these 2,617 touches comprise brief interactions. Dscout discovered that long-periods of usage on phones was unusual, and when it did happen it was mostly due to Netflix and reading. In general, people use their devices in small sessions. The average person is on their device for a total of 145 minutes a day, with the heavier users clocking in at 225 minutes.

*Source: Network World


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