LMCable Charges All Phones

lmcableIsn’t it a pain when you’re an Android user, need to borrow a charging cable and everyone around you uses an iPhone? iPhones use different cables from most other smartphones, the Lightning and the micro USB ports, respectively. But what if that problem was no longer an issue? The LMcable aims to make your charging woes disappear.

The LMcable, a Kickstarter-funded product, has a reversible male end that works in both the Lightning and micro USB ports. Although it charges both kinds of devices, the LMcable’s only drawback is that it does not transfer data. That means no syncing your wealth of tunes onto your iPhone. In short, don’t throw away all your device-specific USB charging cables.

On the aesthetic side, the LMcable has a unique design. It is wrapped in leather and has a brass buckle to keep it neat and coiled. You can order it in white, brown, black and blue.

The LMcable’s Kickstarter campaign had an original goal of $3,582, which is surpassed tenfold in just over a week, gaining a total of over 1,500 backers. Right now you can pre-order it in $21 with shipping expected for April.

*Source: Mashable