LinkedIn Gets a Makeover

official_logo_linkedinLinkedIn offers some really valuable services to its users, but it has struggled in the past with a dwindling user-base. In order to make LinkedIn more appealing and easier to use, the company is doing a total overhaul of its desktop interface. According to ComputerWorld, this will be the largest remodeling the professional networking site has seen since launch.

The goal is to integrate features from the mobile application to the desktop experience, LinkedIn’s director of Engineering, Chris Pruitt, explained. Users can expect to see a redesigned feed, tweaked profiles, new messaging capabilities, and a revamped search box. These changes should make the desktop site appear less cluttered and more useful.

For example, the annoying, constant notifications that desktop users used to receive encouraging them to congratulate a connection on a new job or wish someone a happy birthday have been scrapped and relocated to a less calamitous notifications page.

Right now, 60 percent of LinkedIn’s traffic comes from mobile, and the desktop interface lags behind. Hopefully the new changes should even things out.