LG’s New Phone Will Be ‘Always On’

LG always onSmartphone companies are always trying to add the most innovative feature to the newest model of their devices. LG is trying a new tactic with the release of its next Android product, the G5 phone. According to LG’s Facebook page, its new smartphone will be “always on.”

The screen on the G5 will be permanently switched on, which is the only definitive information given about the device so far. You might be wondering why a permanently “on” screen would actually be useful. Well, it would make it easier to check notifications or time without having to unlock your device or press any buttons. This seems small, but would be quite the time saver. However, it sounds like a major battery drainer. And it could be. LG has some more explaining to do on that front.

LG’s phones have had similar features in the past. Its older models, the G Flex 2 and the G4, have a feature called ‘Glance View,” which is activated by a gesture rather than buttons. LG’s biggest Android competitor, Samsung, is also on board. They recently trademarked the term “always on display” and is expected to incorporate it into some of its upcoming devices, possibly to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

*Source: CNET