Lawsuit Shuts Down Facebook Trademark Violation

facebook_2015_logo_detailIt doesn’t look like “face book” potato chips will be landing on shelves anytime soon after a Chinese court ruled in the social media giant’s favor in a recent trademark violation lawsuit.

According to a CNET article, the Zhongshan Pearl River got the green light to use “face book” to sell a variety of food items, including coffee, tea and candy. Its initial application was approved in 2011, but Facebook was none too happy about the move. And in the end, the court agreed, stating Zhongshan “violated moral principles” and was clearly intending to capitalize on Facebook’s name. Ironically, Facebook is blocked in China and cannot be accessed from computers.

While Facebook was victorious in its suit, other companies don’t always fare so well. Apple just lost a similar lawsuit, giving third parties permission to use “IPHONE” to market handbags and wallets.