ITC Judge Finds Microsoft Guilty of Patent Infringement

file451297827287Microsoft has lost the first round in a battle against InterDigital Inc, as United States International Judge found Microsoft guilty of using InterDigital’s patented technology in its smartphones without consent.

The litigation took place at the International Trade Commission, where Judge Theodore Essex ruled Microsoft had infringed on two wireless cellular patents owned by InterDigital, a company specializing in the design and licensing of technologies to third parties.

Essex has also proposed a possible ban, stating it would not be against users interest to prohibit the importation of Microsoft devices into the United States. It remains to be seen if products will actually be banned, as the matter first needs to be reviewed by the entire commission before enforcing a prohibition.

InterDigital and other Original Equipment Manufacturers have entered legal disputes over the years regarding patents. Many of these cases have been settled, such as a case in 2006, where Nokia agreed to pay InterDigital $253 million to end a licensing dispute over critical phone technology.