Are iPhone users the most loyal?

apple logoWhether you believe that Apple, Android, Google, or Windows phones are the best on the market, there’s one category where Apple is the clear winner – customer loyalty.

According to a study done by Morgan Stanley for Statista, 92 percent of iPhone owners who plan on buying a new phone within a year say they are “somewhat or extremely likely” to purchase another Apple device. That’s a significant increase from last year, when the number was 86 percent.

In comparison, second place for loyalty goes to Samsung, with 77 percent of users. This is by far the highest for any Android brand, seeing as LG, Motorola, and Nokia all float around 50 percent and below.

So, why do Apple users feel that they couldn’t live with another brand? Business Insider has some helpful explanations.

“The Android market is defined by competition, while iOS is Apple’s alone,” Business Insider suggests.

If you like the way Android works, but are unhappy with your current smartphone make, you have a lot of other options. In contrast, iOS is limited to Apple, so if you want that – it’s your only choice.

Among other rationales, Business Insider also points out that “transitioning away from iMessage is an absolute nightmare.”

And it’s true. Not only is iMessage a great communication tool, but it’s a way around paying for cell service abroad. iMessage has a lot of uses, and Android does not currently offer a great alternative.

Despite a recent dip in iPhone sales, this data implies that, at least when it comes to current customers, Apple is still desirable.