The iPhone 7 Will Finally Have Enough Storage

apple logoIt seems like every time an iPhone user opens their camera, they get a notification telling them their storage is too full. Well, if you intend on purchasing the iPhone 7 when it is released in two months, this problem might disappear. According to the Wall Street Journal, even the entry-level iPhone 7 model will feature 32GB of storage.

This means, if Apple follows its usual pattern, the mid-tier iPhone 7 will feature 64 GB of storage, and the highest tier will have 128GB. There are even rumors of a 256GB version, but there is no way to verify that at this point.

All this new storage will come in handy for the allegedly improved camera in the iPhone 7. It will supposedly come with a larger sensor and an improved dual-camera system. Your selfies will be so much clearer!

*Source: Network World