Introducing Watch, the Netflix of Facebook

Facebook announced earlier this year that it was making a push into video streaming, focusing on both licensed shows and original content. This came to fruition this month with the introduction of Watch, a new video streaming platform that will available to a limited group of Facebook users in the United States.

According to BGR, “Some of the shows available at launch include Nas Daily, a daily show where a creator makes videos with his fans; Gabby Bernstein, a show from a motivational speaker who answers questions and gives advice; and Kitchen Little, a show about kids who try to instruct professional chefs on how to cook a meal. Also, Facebook has a deal with MLB to broadcast one baseball game a week.”

The content streamed on Watch will each have its own “Show Page” on Facebook where users can learn about the show, watch episodes, and interact with the community. Additionally, if you follow a show, Facebook will notify you every time an episode it released. Facebook hopes to one day monetize these shows through ad breaks, but is currently self-funding some shows to kick start the platform.

Watch will have an app for mobile, desktop, and certain Smart TVs.