Intel’s HDMI Compute Stick Now Available for Pre-Order


Intel’s tiny new computer-on-a-stick called the Compute Stick is available for pre-order now. Following the trend of making PCs that fit inside a USB dongle, Intel is making its Atom chips available in a form that can easily fit in your pocket.

First appearing at CES earlier this year, the Intel HDMI Compute Stick gives users access to full PC apps while being much more portable than laptops. All you need is a monitor or TV for the Compute Stick to plug into to create an instant computer.

In order to appeal to as many different users as possible, there are two versions of the HDMI stick. One comes with Windows 8.1, while the other comes with Linux pre-installed. Online retailer Newegg, lists both sticks as having 2GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage.

The Windows 8.1 HDMI stick has a price tag of $149.99, and the Linux variant costs $109.99. Intel’s Compute Stick will debut in direct competition with the new Asus Chromebit, which is slated to launch this summer for under $100.