Windows 10 in Exchange For a New Computer?

microsoft logoWindows 10’s free upgrade period ends July 29, and Microsoft really wants you to take advantage. From now until Friday, all American and Canadian Microsoft retail stores are offering to install Windows 10 on compatible devices for free. And if Microsoft can’t complete the upgrade by the end of that business day, they will give you a free 15-inch Dell Inspiron notebook.

Of course, some conditions apply. If your PC isn’t capable of running Windows 10, the offer isn’t valid. However, you may be eligible to receive $150 credit towards a new PC. Also, the offer specifies that your computer be checked in by noon of the given day.

Microsoft has made no secret that it wants you, desperately, to upgrade to Windows 10. If you’re a holdout, you may have noticed a frustrating stream of annoying pop-ups enticing you to update and install Windows 10.

Recently, Microsoft has admitted in won’t hit the desired goal of having one billion devices running Windows 10 by mid 2018. But it isn’t giving up on the effort anytime soon.

*Source: PC World