Instagram will now archive your stories

Have you ever wanted to look back on your past Instagram stories? Be it for nostalgia purposes or engagement analytics – the feature would be nice to have. According to The Verge, this will be possible with Instagram’s new service, which starting now will “add your expired stories to the archive feature.”

Until now, Instagram archives have only been used to store photos and videos you no longer want to display publicly. Now it will include all your past stories for both Android and iOS users. If you don’t want to have your stories archived, you can opt out of this feature.

This is another example of Instagram borrowing from its wildly popular competitor, Snapchat. Snap added its own archive feature, Memories, to its popular social media service last year. However, it’s not a total copy –  according to The Verge, Instagram Stories will let you do one key thing Snapchat doesn’t: “Post old stories to your profile in a feature the company is calling Highlights.” You will be able to choose from your archived stories, group them as you like, give them a themed name, and share them to your profile, where they will appear above your other posts.

Stories have revolutionized Instagram, gradually becoming one of the most popular features the service has to offer. This is evident from their position at the top of your newsfeed, and now with archives, at the top of your profile as well. The Verge reports that Instagram made the move to archive stories after a significant number of daily users were downloading their stories, and others filed complaints that they intended to but forgot.