Instagram has passed 800 million users!

Instagram has had some great news this month. According to SlashGear, the social media platform recently revealed it now has 800 million monthly users, growing an incredible 100 million since April of 2017. Perhaps even more impressive is the company’s 500 million daily active users.

To put that number in perspective, Instagram’s closest competitor Snapchat announced in August it has 173 million daily active users – a huge number of users, yet still dwarfed by Instagram’s platform.

According to SlashGear, “This acceleration in Instagram’s daily active user count is likely thanks to the roll out of Instagram Stories. That’s somewhat ironic, because Instagram Stories certainly borrow a lot from Snapchat Stories, which have been a cornerstone of Snapchat’s service for quite some time.”

This perspective certainly has merit, given that despite the bad press Instagram Stories received upon release, the feature reached 250 million daily active users in a year.

Instagram is expected to hit a billion users sometime in 2018.