Instagram Introduces Account Switching

Instagram_Icon_LargeYou might have an Instagram account for work and a personal one for your friends and family. Who knows, you might even have an Instagram account for your cat. Well Instagram is now saying you can have up to five accounts at once and switch between them as you please.

After enough pleading by dedicated users, Instagram is rolling out the ability to switch accounts for iOS and Android users. After beta testing for both operating systems, the feature is now officially available. You can save up to five accounts on your profile at once and switch between the easily with a tap on your smartphone. Instagram will always display the profile picture of the account you’re using, so there will be little confusion over which account is active at what time. Push notifications will work the same way, with the photo indicating which account has a like, follow, or comment.

Account switching is available as a part of Instagram version 7.15, so if you are interested in this feature make sure you check the App Store or Google Play to get the update.

*Source: PC Mag