Instagram bug outrages users

According to the Verge, angry Instagram users have been taking to social media over running into difficulties logging into their accounts, blaming the company for deleting them without explanation or warning. In the midst of its users’ fury, Instagram had the chance to speak out and explain the situation.

“We’re aware of a bug that is causing some users to be logged out their accounts,” a spokesperson from Instagram said. “We’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

The accounts that are currently malfunctioning appear to be disabled, so it’s no wonder users were panicked. If someone with a working account were to try to visit one of the affected accounts, they would see a “Sorry, this page isn’t available” message. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be any pattern or similarities between the accounts affected – some are business related while others are personal.

According to The Verge, “In every case we’ve seen documented online, users were unable to recover their accounts and received no notice on why theirs were disabled. Some users claim that Instagram prompted them to enter their phone numbers to verify their accounts, though they never received a confirmation SMS and had their accounts disabled anyway.”

If you’ve been having troubles like this with your Instagram account, worry not. The problem should be resolved soon, and your account has not been deleted.