Indiegogo App Slated for Canadian Release

crowdfunding appIndiegogo is taking the leap beyond the borders of the United States by releasing its first mobile app to a Canada audience. The “world’s largest” crowdfunding platform will give Canucks early access to its app, which it plans to roll out in other countries in a few months.

“Canada is a really important country for us, in terms of volume it’s the second-largest country for us in the world … and we send money to 70 to 100 countries a week,” said Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin was quoted as saying.

The first app will only be available for iOS, but an Android app should be released by year’s end.

The premise of crowd-funding is simple. Entrepreneurs or anyone with a creative idea can pitch their plans on Indigogo, and ask people for support. It is usually rewards-based, meaning those who donate are given early access to a product, gifts, or other perks.

*Source: CTV News