Huge Bill for Cell Sold Online

phone-still-onSmartphones are expensive and it’s not unusual for someone to try to get back a few bucks by selling their old phone online. But one Canadian woman has learned an important lesson after receiving a bill for over $45,000 for a phone she no longer owned.

Kelly Arsenault opened a business account with Telus several years ago and when her three-year contract was up, she posted the phone on Craigslist and promptly sold it. She thought the account had been closed. So imagine her surprise when she opened the outrageous bill.

Turns out, as far as Telus was concerned, the account was still active. The person who had purchased it online realized it still worked and had churned through a hefty amount of data, racking up the big bill. The matter is still under investigation but Telus says it doesn’t expect Arsenault to pay the outstanding charges.

This story serves as a word of warning for anyone thinking of getting rid of an old phone in a private sale.

*Source: CTV News